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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 27, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> breaking news is in santa cruz tonight. tragic end to the search for a missing young girl. >> body believed to be 8-year-old madison middleton has been found and teenager neighbor has been taken into custody. good evening. >> police say her body was found inside a dumpster. >> lillian is live in santa cruz with late details on this. lillian? >>reporter: the boy was taken away in handcuffs right in the middle of this parking lot. not too far from where her body was foundment he's currently being questioned at the police station. stunning turn of events that developed in just the last few hours. >> this is extraordinarily heart bricking news i'm about to give to you. our detectives discovered the body of a young female i know of a dumpster at
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the complex located behind me. >>reporter: santa cruz police chief kevin fogel says the body is 8-year-old mad i middleton last seen riding her scooter in the parking lot of the art center where she lived with her mother. under arrest in connection with her death a 15-year-old resident of the complex. neighbors were in complete shock when they saw him taken into custody. his mother in tars screaming. >> we have people in the complex who saw the individual. as far as what they actually saw him do, i don't know. but we do have people that we'll be in. >>reporter: police said dumpster is in the grand jury of the apartment complex. they say it will take hours from says the crime scene. how she was killed is unknown at this point. neighbors screen the 15-year-old suspect as a nice boy. >> from what i know very well spoken. and very kind like i said it's shocking. situation all together. >>reporter: if police believe
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there are no other suspects. they plan to have another update tomorrow morning. live in santa cruz lillian abc 7 news. >> thank you. and of course you can depend on 7 news for continue 7 news for continuing coverage of this story. coverage continues rate now on twitter at this web site. >> happening now in sonoma county. authorities search for missing man who may have drowned in the russian river. search is focus around sunset beach. press democrat report he was missing 6:45 tonight. search team using under water camera and a highway patrol helicopter. >> candle lit tonight for the hayward police officer killed if the line of duty last week. sergeant scott lung shot and killed during a traffic stop. tonight he was remembered at freedom high school in oakley where he volunteered as coach. we are live from the school with the story. alan sf. >> we don't of hear about the extra community work officers put in during the time off and
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one thing you may not have nope about sergeant scott lung he was a service oriented person who couldn't help but volume up tier as coach at freedom high. the open the field at freedom high school in oakley sergeant scott lunger was sergeant. volunteer assistant varsity softball coach. >> scott put in his 12 hours plus and then come out her and put in another 3 to 4 hours with us. >>reporter: tonight his team held a vigil to remember how lung inspired him to win a league championship even though nearly half of them were only freshmen. >> it's rough. we stick together e-head coach brook who was celebrating the birth of his first child said lung texted him if you hours before killed. >> he texted me i just got back. i have to take a nap. i have to good to work in the morning when i get home i'll call you. we'll go get some breakfast and see the baby that. >> never happened. instead
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russo will be a pal bearer at friend fine relevant and freedom high school falcon will be there wearing the other yawn form lung loved in oakley, abc 7 news. >> sergeant lung 15 year vet run of the force will be laid to rest with full honor this thursday. scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and is open to the public. >> heat wind to blimp for ┬░fire that destroyed a home garage attic in santa rosa this afternoon. wind gust pushed 2 power lanes together causing a transform tore blow. this reached the home where fares were able to stop it from spreading any further. the fair caused about 100,000 dollars in damage. brush fire in pittsburgh burned 37 acres today. started in san marco boulevard when somebody tried to jump start off road vehicle. firefighters hit the fir from the ground and air and able to keep it from reaching near by homes. one person had a minorger. >> get yourself ready in for
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hotter dryer conditions. here's east bay hills camera. warm-up considerably. zappedia is here with just how hot it gets. >>reporter: how about topping 100 degrees. it's going to the happen all beginning tomorrow. let me show you how hot it got today. inland areas up mider 90's along the coast. quite comfortable 69 half man bay. 74 in san francisco as we head that tomorrow the coastal area remain comfortable. it will be warmer though 70's i hope lapped spots up into the triple digitment only gets hotter on wednesday. hottest spots up around 106 degrees coastal years in the 70's. hive look from the emeryville camp are and sky clear. air quality is going downhill. next couple of days which 80's spare the air alert has been declared for your tuesday is the first one of the summer season more are likely following on wednesday. back with detailed look with the forecast what's ahead. >> thanks. >> track the heat yourself with
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the 7 weather app or smart phone. free on a el app store or google play. we also have more information at our web site. >> police shot pit bull intersan francisco city hall tonight. they were approaching owner allegedly seep with drug paraphernalia. dog rushed them the. officers retreated fired 3 shots. one hit the dog in the ear. owner grabbed the dog calmed it down. opens may be cited because it was on the leash but the owner wasn't holding the leash. dog expected to sur75. >> tonight new technology could be a life saver on the peninsula. decision tonight to try out special camera at cal taken crossing where many have taken their lives. as cornell explains officials are looking at number of options. fight cal taken moves fast through the meadow avenue crossing at palo alto where you will always find security guard on duty. monitoring the tracks looking
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for those who may be in crisis. >> were confront ask them how are you doing. are you all right. >>reporter: this crossing considered a so-called hot spot for suicide. many of them have been teenagers. some came to the community meat to go hear the city plan of installing several i hope from a red camera capable of skinning the tracks night or day for mile in each direction. camera can produce images like this if a person is spotted it would trigger an alert to 911 and cal train. >> anything that we can do to prevent impulsive act. >>reporter: there are suicide hot lean signs along the track where 13 people have taken their lives this year. courtney battled depression as teenager. she likes anything that could help save a life. >> if i think this is absolutely necessary because this is happening but i think it's so much more than just this. >>reporter: early crisis intervention is needed for
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teens. education is something the palo alto school district is providing. new camera goes on line later this summer. >> los altos some people are boiling their water because it's cop contaminated with e.coli. about 850 customers who live between interstate 280 fat hill expressway are affected cal water authorities think the water was contaminated during repair to water main brake on friday. collected sample to determine when the water is safe to drink again. test on the sample are expected to come back wednesday expected to come back wednesday. >> we follow bricking news. new development in the case of missing 8-year-old girl named madie meddle ton. >> body that appears to be mad >> body that appears to be madie found at 15-year-old boy taken into custody update on develop story. >> front end damage at 30,000 feet. what forced this brand new plane back to the airport. >> and stopping if fat in the track. new procedure that will help you lose some fchs without dieting.
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>> 7 news at 11:00 continues right here in just a moment
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>> update now on bricking story in santa cruz. police located a body believed to be that of 8-year-old madison middleton. police detective found her bed in a dumpster tonight at the cannery arts center complex where she lived with her mother where she lived with her mother. madie disappeared sunday afternoon. 15-year-old boy who lives in the same complex is in police custody on suspicion of homicide. police don't know how she was killed. look at this individual y.see a giant dent in the nose of american airlines new dream liner 7 h 7 mraechbility took off from beijing but turned around after it hit a hail storm. plane landed safely nobody hurt. >> i have seen the study
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showing first time dad can gain nearly 5 pounds after the baby is born. new way to fight that the new dad bod it kills fat cells for beth women and men. >> hello. >>reporter: neck is comfortable in his own skin. but it's what is under his skin that has him looking at the latest technique for fat reduction. >> it's just something i want to take care of and i want to do. >>reporter: 43-year-old father of 2 has worked to lose wet after suffering several sdwlairs side lined his usually active lifestyle. >> tell l kept me going. >>reporter: nick still had a few stubborn inches around the mid section but then he heard about vanquish fat reduction technique. >> it's for somebody who his thoughts areas. exercising eating well but can't get rid of this. >>reporter: the affects last longer than competing technology. >> some of them will actually just shrink the fat cells. but
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the fat cells will still be there whereas vanquish destroy there whereas vanquish destroys. >>reporter: in this animation provided by the makers of vanquish the we was good through the skip to target the fat cells underneath. the body then rid itself of the destroyed cell. >> patient tiply need 4 to 6 treatment to achieve about 60 percent fat loss in the targeted area. each treatment takes about an hour. nick says he dent feel any pain from the heat. if maker of vanquish also provided these before and after patient photo. the 4 treatments cost about 2,000 dollars. nick says the bright is an investment in himself. >> something i have been wanting to did a listening time. >> doctors say patients can continue to see results even after the last vanquish treatment and most patients lose between 2 to 4 inches. >> if let's talk about the heat that will help you lose some pound. >> definitely. water weight at
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least. we have the weather for the next several days. >> you'll be sweating night doubt bit unless near the coast. look at of live doppler 7hd i'll show use it gets so hot. skies are clear across the entire bay area. been that way since this afternoon that's why it was warmer today. still hanging on to the warmth. inland area in the 70's. we have 50's and 60's coast and around the bay. look at the view. absolutely amazing of san francisco from our mount tam cam and barely a breeze as we look at clear skies here. triple digit the next 2 day. record hi possible and spare the air for tomorrow. likely see that rae peteing again on wednesday. tropical -- trough of low pressure moving through and it's moving out holding our pictures and high pressure ex padres west ward you start to feel the heat inland areas sizzle but even around parts of the state you are seeing the hot weather. look at this 108
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tomorrow afternoon. 109 in palm springs. head that wednesday and it's one 12 in redding. 105 still in palm springs. 107 sacramento. 108 in fresno. only gets hotter in redding on thursday. 114 degrees. western u.s. will be pretty much dealing with the heat. vegas phoenix palm springs and then as we head towards friday temperatures will start to come down. tomorrow morning in the mid 50's to the mid 60's still good sleeping weather tonight because we have a little bit of a breasts and will be some pchs of going for your morning commute. just be careful tomorrow afternoon. you will need plenty of water request place to go might be the coast especially if you don't like the heat. 101 in gilroy. 99 in morgan hill. 93 san jose the south by. 98 los gatos. yoer in santa cruz. 90 degree ins sunnyvale peninsula looking at 87 in san mateo. warmer day from redwood to low and daly
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city sunset district 72 with patchy fog. 78 downtown san francisco. north bay you see the triple digit up to the north. if 70's here near the beaches. east bay 85 in the oakland. 89 union city. 91 in fremont. inland spots you are on the toasty side. 102 in livermore fair field walnut creek. 104 antioch. 100 in pleasanton. check out accu-weather 7 day forecast you will notice the heat only builds on wednesday. that's our hottest day of the fix!next our hottest day of the fix 7 along the coast line in the mid 70's tempered by the sea breeze 70's tempered by the sea breeze. temperatures start to slip on thursday. you really start to notice it as we head into the weekend. mid 60's to low 90's but what comes up temperatures good down. humidity comes up and because the humidity rises we are really going to notice it feels muggy around here which makes it feel worse as you both know because we are not used to that. that's actually worse.
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>> yes that's coming up. >> thanks. >> coming up next on 7 news at 11:00. i challenge to you do the whip. >> dance off. she makes a bold challenge to pay area toddler.
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a. >> perhaps you remember this video. >> daughter of another famous athlete drone athlete thrown counsel kind of an adorable gauntlet. >> the you think you are better than me. i challenge you to do the the whip. >> oh man. leah still
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daughter of devan still saw the video of steff curry dancing the nay nay and told her father she can't do it better than me. >> oh, no no no so her father encouraged leah to which will engine riley to dance off. you can be the judge >> she is too cute. keep in mind lee is a 5 years old so she does have a couple years open 3-year-old riley. >> riley dance posted last week has 350,000 like on instagram. leah posted just yesterday and has 34,000 like. >> we'll be watching to see if riley accepts the challenge. larry had a great idea. get them together. >> do it together. >> i don't think you want to take on riley curry. >> fill can whip but can't nay nay. >> county intuitive. >> i can't figure it out. >> practice. try and try and try. >> the giants try and they
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succeed. we extend winning streak to 6 games. offense has really come alive. crawford visiting the deepest part of the yard tonight sports coming
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giants starting to look like a team that could be very dangerous come october. coming off sweep of the a's opening 3 game series with no milwaukee tonight. the back from the disabled list her started in left field. o for 3 tonight. cheese head sighting at at at&t t. homer from crawford. watch him nay nay off the top of the wall she's very excited out there. 15th of the year 2 run shot. to the sixth. the is he big food for the whole row look at this. trying to get back to the seat while chris davis hits rbi single to center to make it a 3-2 game let's see our friend here and he's made it and he's tapped out. my goodness. what an effort. moved to the seventh. crawford on first. to the gap in left center. green lit. heading for home.
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here comes the throw and he is safe. standing up. giants win 4-2. they have now won 12 out of 13. pull within half gym of the idol dodgers tonight in the national league west. happy birthday the alex rodriguez. he celebrated the sing to dan. celebrate 40th birthday hitting 24th homer of the year against former team rangers life isn't over at 40 danni keep telling you. a-rod hit 6 homers on the birthday. beat texas 6-2. 6 78 contrary homer. video stopped. trieded clifford to the mets pitching prospect a ball. clifford had 17 saves earned run average of 2.79. bean said the a's acquiring younger players than usual in hopes they will be big league ready by the time the a's have new stadium. i hope that comes
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in my life time. warriors traded lee to boston became official today. agreed upon if you we can ago. finalize today. warriors acquiring jerrold wallace and chris balboa from the c's. lee part of the were why are fun diagnosis of success. started back 5 years ago on a team bomb of the standings despite playing time vanishing lee remained a pro. stayed ready. key contribution against memphis and finals. he was important. chance to get playing time in boston on young team that's building for the future. >> biggest thing is the character and chemistry of the team. after experiencing what i had at golden state how tight as a team we were, i have been in the league a long time. i don't think i want to good back the or wait a minute i have seen both sides as you know. >>reporter: this is classic. pensacola blue wahoo manager pat kellyless it after eject sod he's throwing the umpires
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out. take off uniform he's going after another ump then uses the about as the deodorant uses the about as the deodorant. never seen that one before. that is an instant classic. 7 sports brought to you by exfinity. >> the class ick. >> he was worked up. >> exercise. absolutely. >> thanks very much. >> all right 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning but happening around a little longer we'll wrap it up after
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